Sunday, October 12, 2008

Social networking

Some very interesting and thought-provoking articles. My opinions have flip-flopped and somersualted around the social gym tonight and I'm worked-out. I love the possibilities of outreach that this type of networking allows. (Even with the potential security and privacy issues which I truly believe can be 'managed' like everything else). However I am concerned that we might be putting all our eggs in one basket and missing the boat. I love mixed metaphors! There are so many options available and who are we to say that MySpace (even with more hits than Google!!) is the way to go. Our 'screen-agers' are a fickle bunch, constantly on the techno rollercoaster, and to keep up is nigh impossible. Perhaps I'm 'over-analysing' but I do feel that we, as librarians, have never quite managed to make the 'physical library' the great social gathering place it should be. Are we really ready to make our libraries the ultimate cybercafes, as they should be? I hope we are and, while I'm not really into baby-steps, I do think we have to be very wary of our own perceptions of 'moving with the times.' I could ruminate all night on this but need to go to bed. I will reflect tomorrow.

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