Sunday, August 17, 2008

RSS Feeds

I have not enjoyed this exercise at all. Information overload! I can appreciate from a theoretical viewpoint how it might be useful getting feeds however I did not have anything in particular I would choose to subscribe to. There are a few websites that I do visit regularly and I have subscribed to them but trying to find other sites or blogs that might interest me became tedious. The The helpful search tools like Topix and Technorati proved anything but helpful - too much of too much. Not sure that I would use this tool for anything but essential websites which I can access easily anyway. I have to concur with Bibliochick - too much!! How does anyone have the time?

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Skype - webcams

We only recently acquired skype and have only used it 3/4 times which seems ridiculous because it was so exciting. To be able to chat freely while watching the other person with only minimal distortion is truly amazing. My husband often refers to the wonders of internet banking and how astounded his father would have been at the ease and convenience we have today. He only passed away 8 years ago and how things have changed in that short time. He would have loved exploring all the new technologies and I find it sad that so many of our oldies find it to daunting. Too much too soon perhaps? I hope I don't fall into that category in my later years (or sooner) as it is so rewarding to discover and play with all that's out there. Now I just need to master the remote control for the telly, video, dvd, surround sound ............and I'll be sweet.

Flickr mashups

I am blown away by the applications available. What really caught my attention was the personalised calendar. Not that I am particularly into calendars but they cost me a fortune in school fund raising projects every year. There must be so many going concerns that will go belly up if we all get into this - let's go for it. Schools will have to find another route but please not chocolate. For someone who is totally uncreative in the traditional sense - no good at art, handicrafts or (god forbid) scrapbooking, these mashups offer a simple(when I get my head around it, which I will) dignified alternative. Watch this space! There is creativity in me yet.

Flickr mashups

Cannot get over the things available. I was particularly impressed with the calendar API. So many profitable concerns could sink if more people started doing this for themselves. We are charged a fortune by the schools for individual photo packs and calendars every year. No wonder it's a good fund raiser- it costs peanuts to do so the school should be getting virtually every cent - if only. I might just be tempted to blow my kids away with a mummy made personal calendar. It's really exciting. For someone who is totally uncreative (really not into scrapbooking etc) this could be the answer. Much practice makes perfect Confucius? We'll give it a go - be prepared for those cries for help, anyone out there?

Flickr exploration

This has been an extremely stressful week for a variety of reasons and 'flickr' has not featured strongly. After a good few hours on this machine last night, I think my husband now appreciates how irritated I get when he is tied to the computer. (He'll have to get used to it!)
I did a bit of a play around and would love to explore and apply some of the amazing things available - when time slows down.
I was really disappointed that I didn't find any 'people' I know in my searches as I know plenty who probably use similar applications - I'll get onto them ASAP.
Using multiple tags proved useful in searching, however I did get irritated having to search through large quantities of personal photos to find the ones directly related to my search. No doubt with more expertise and 'playing' I will manage to refine the process.
Isn't the attached photo(link) gorgeous - part of the reason for my stressful week - 8 week old mini schnauzers are worse (time wasting) than new babies, but just as adorable. The link is attached below I hope. (Already sent an e-mail in a moment of over-enthusiasm: always read the whole question first!!)

Flickr experimentation

This has been a very stressful week and flickr has not featured strongly. However,