Sunday, October 12, 2008

Bebo, MySpace and FaceBook

I enjoyed having a look at these sites although I'm familiar with Facebook so didn't delve too deeply into the others (Oh! the choices we have to contend with - don't let me suffer more confusion). Libraries(and many do obviously) should be embracing this fully. What better way to connect with our users, especially the younger ones, and allow them some input. This could be a great marketing tool as well as keeping us in tune and on our toes. To do this though, we have to step out of our traditional mind-set and get with the times. Good on the libraries, like Auckland and Rotorua(to name but a few) who have taken the step, however even their profiles were a little "librarianish" for our younger users. On the flip side, what a fine line we tread - I was quite appalled at the inanity and general "uuugghh!" on some of the profiles I visited.
Tomorrow I am going to set up my own profile on Facebook (did it here but with my alter-Web 2.0-ego) so that I can re-connect with all those old school buddies. It is a great way of re-establishing contact while still maintaining a certain distance.

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